When Did You Last Stop To Celebrate?

We are in the middle of moving. Again.  We have moved 14 times (no joke) over the last 20 years of marriage including this one.  I realize this is an exorbitant amount of moves, but each one has allowed us to learn something new and discover a lot of beautiful and cool places.  However, Jake and I are set on this move being the last one for a very long time. This weekend was our first full weekend to unpack and work on getting the house in order.  We did not get it all done, in fact we’re probably only a quarter of the way through.  However, when we were talking about the upcoming weekend, we decided that we needed to identify a time during the weekend when we would stop working and take time to celebrate our accomplishment of finally achieving our goal to get to Florida.  This is something that in the past we used to skip over and just keep on working.  We would work intensely to accomplish something, it could be a major project, a promotion at work or anything else that takes energy and effort to achieve, but we didn’t actually stop to celebrate when we accomplished it.  

Think back to your latest accomplishment.  Did you stop to celebrate it?  

It is strange to me how many things are celebrated when we are children – birthdays, good grades or even a big win in sports – but somehow we forget that it is important to stop to celebrate as adults.  Without stopping, you never really feel the greatness of the accomplishment or have any memories to reflect back on from that part of your life.  When we stopped for this celebration we decided to hang out on our lanai with the kids and our dog Guinness, grill some steaks and enjoy a homemade apple pie the prior home owner baked for our housewarming gift.  It was wonderful and we will remember that first celebration in our new home for years to come.  

What can you stop to celebrate in the near future?


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  1. Unfortunately, I think the pandemic has made celebration difficult. I graduated, Audrey graduated, she got married and all were complicated by COVID. I’m ready to get back to celebrating. Also, so happy for you all and can’t wait to come visit!

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