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Frequently Asked Questions

My passion is helping others. I am focused on sharing ideas through my blog and speaking opportunities, not paid coaching.  I am open to confidential and complimentary conversations around specific situations to help navigate to solutions.  You can get a flavor of the type of coaching I can help with through the testimonials below. Send me a note at to start the conversation.

Yes!  I love being in front of live or virtual audiences and sharing the tips and tools of personal accountability and having vital conversations.  I also have participated in several podcast interviews, check one out below.  Send a message at to inquire about speaking events today.    

Yes, I realize that even with the basic framework for having vital conversations, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out who you need to speak to, what the messaging should be and how to deliver it.  I am more than happy to help with specific situations.  Check out some of the testimonials below.  Reach out to me at and let’s get started! 


Tim Hsu

Research & Development Manager, Former Team Member

Before meeting Natalie, I was excelling in my technical role at work but still continued to struggle with leading and influencing others despite my efforts to close the gap, which left me frustrated and at a loss on how to improve. Working with Natalie allowed me to directly experience her leadership style—her focus on developing strong mutual trust as the foundation for building strong, positive relationships was what ultimately what helped me improve myself and lead more effectively. As a result, we were able to have difficult but productive conversations about things I could do better and areas to improve on. By keeping me accountable for my actions, she helped me understand to not become a victim to what I thought were unfair circumstances and that I am responsible for improving my situation. Since then, my growth as an effective coach and leader has been tremendous and I‘m finding great satisfaction in building stronger, positive relationships with the people both at and outside of work!

Natalie is the best boss I've ever had - hands down! Her leadership style is strong, compassionate, and fair, at the same time not afraid to communicate any challenges that you may have. She is my mentor as a strong leader as her communication style is that of complete transparency; there are never any surprises, good or bad, with her. She has high expectations and trusts you to get the job done without being a micromanager.  She will always assume the positive and give you the benefit of the doubt. She motivates her team members to want to do a good job. She'll never ask you to do something she wouldn't be willing to do herself. I can't say enough how awesome she is; both as a leader and a friend.

Keri Suffoletta

Product Development Manager, Former Team Member

Steve Nemeth

Senior Director of Sales, Former Coworker/Peer

Natalie is such a dynamic leader and business partner. During our time together at Southeastern Mills, she was a trusted New Product Development partner, a leader of our High Performance Work Place culture, collaborative team player and an amazing leader with her team. She is always striving to get better and sets high expectations for herself and her team. It was a blessing to work with Natalie and I appreciate all she did to make our National Accounts, Broadline Foodservice and Industrial Sales Team better.

Natalie is a natural leader and a great team motivator. She has a unique way of utilizing her technical knowledge to build her team's capabilities while building relationships and loyalty. Her teams love her! Natalie was a tremendous High Performance mentor for me! I truly appreciate her contributions to our company.

Tom Reynolds

Vice President of Technical Services, Former Boss