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Do you know the secret to bring joy to every aspect of your life?  It is The Secret!  Practiced every day, The Secret can have amazing impacts on your life.  I first read this book over 14 years ago when it was first published.  I have come back to it several times over the years, especially when things just didn’t seem to be going right for me.  It is not a difficult read and you don’t have to sit down and read it all at once.  This is one of the most powerful concepts I have read about and implemented in my life and now I want to share The Secret with you. 

To quote Bob Proctor from the book, “The Secret is the law of attraction!  Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life.  And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind.  It’s what you’re thinking.  Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.”  (The Secret, 2006, Rhonda Byrne, p 4).

This powerful law responds to your thoughts, no matter what they may be.  It is equally as easy to attract good things as bad things.  This is where we must learn to control our thoughts – stop negative ones and replace them with positive ones.  Essentially, we must emit a different frequency out into the universe.  Powerful quotes from the book that I find myself repeating because they roll off the tongue are “like attracts like”(The Secret, 2006, Rhonda Byrne, p 7) and “thoughts become things”(The Secret, 2006, Rhonda Byrne, p 9). 

I know that it might sound like I’m blowing smoke for you right now, but I’m completely serious in believing in this.  I’m confident in the power of this law because it has provided the way for me to be where I am in life – with my relationships, health, career and wealth.  At the time I first read this book, I wasn’t always in a good place.  I had a bit of a victim mentality and it landed me in some bad situations.  Since reading the book, my life has been mostly positive with a few situations where I relapsed back into calling negativity to me.  If you’ve been reading my blog, this can also be connected to the victim loop.  Learning about the power of having positive assumptions when I first was introduced to HPWP in 2012 only further substantiated this powerful law.  If you believe the best intentions in others, you will feel more joy and bring positive things to you too. 

The book shares exactly how to change your thoughts from negative to positive.  Simple things like using the words “don’t”, “not” or “no” must change.  The use of these words verbally or non-verbally in your head cause whatever you “don’t want” to be called directly into your life.  For example, how many times have you thought:

I don’t want to spill on this white shirt.

I don’t want to be late.

I don’t want to deal with traffic today.

No more sugar for me, I’ve got to lose weight.

In all these cases, if you remove the negative word, that is generally what you get.  You attract the bad thing to happen to you.  Instead, change your thoughts to:

I’m coming home clean today.

I’m going to be on time today.

I’m looking forward to a smooth trip.

I’m am eating healthy today.

I know it sounds hokey, but believe me, it works!  These concepts apply to everything in your life – careers, relationships, health and money – and the book has sections to cover each of these areas with real life examples of how people’s lives have been changed for the better just by practicing The Secret.  Mind changing suggestions are shared to change thoughts about all areas of your life. 

I have a funny example to share from when I first read this book.  I was still working for my first employer at the time.  Jake and I were living in Wisconsin and had started a raised bed garden.  One of the things we were growing was lettuce and we were eating a lot of it because, any of you who are gardeners know, it all gets ready around the same time.  We were handwashing lettuce for salads one day and I said aloud, it would be great to have a lettuce spinner.   The very next day, we were asked by our department head to go in as a team and clean out the R&D garage.  This was the place that we stored all the things that wouldn’t fit in our lab, but we might need some day.  It was a collection of all kinds of things – equipment, old files and the like.  As we were cleaning it out, low and behold, there was a lettuce spinner.  I was told it had to go.  Right to my house!  While I know this is a silly example, it really hit me when it happened because the order of events was uncanny.  More recently I was wanting some banana plants for our backyard. If you buy them at the nursery they are over $100 each for good sized ones. Within 2 days of putting out into the universe that I wanted banana trees, a neighbor posted on Facebook that they had two they were giving away for curbside pickup. Woo hoo! It worked again. Go ahead…try it out!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy read, I highly recommend this book.  I have a hard copy and think that it may be one of those books that the hard copy is a little better than audible because of the way it is laid out in small sections, paragraphs and quotes.  The version I have was published in 2006 and they have some subsequent books too.  This year a film came out based on these principles called The Secret: Dare to Dream.  If you are looking for a feel-good movie that is family friendly (rated PG), I recommend it. 

I hope this has caught your attention and if you’re not already practicing the law of attraction, try it today.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments on any cool things that happen to you.


Source: The Secret, 2006, Rhonda Byrne

6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Secret”

  1. I have always followed the motto “ Think it.. Say it. Do it.” It very much follows the same concept as the secret. It’s always led me to believe I can do anything if I put my mind to it. And it works!
    PS- my neighbor is always putting banana trees out in her front years to give away because evidently they multiply quickly. We took two last year and are hoping for bananas soon. Good luck with yours!

    1. Good luck with the bananas. Ours produced a flower and bananas after the first year but where we live it gets cold too soon and we never actually get full grown bananas. This year we had two flowers but again it froze too early. I would think you should get at least one bloom in your first year and they do multiply quickly! We have given at least a couple away the last two years. One thing we learned is that after one of the shoots or “trees” produces a flower and bananas, it will die and you cut it off at the ground. Never fear though, it will probably produce 2-4 new shoots to replace it. They are so cool!

  2. This is SO true! My breakthrough moment was when we were fed up with renting, but so broke we couldn’t even fathom how to save up for a down payment to buy.

    Changing my language from “if” we can afford to “when” we can afford was the key! I put pictures in my wallet and my car of my dream home, so it was always in front me every day.

    1. Yes! Great example Jamie. It’s amazing how much our thoughts can effect how quickly we can draw something to us. I’m glad you figured it out to realize your dream home!

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