Natalie is an executive, a wife and a mom who is passionate about helping others to have vital conversations to change their lives both at work and at home.  Natalie is also passionate about health, fitness and self care.  This trifecta of balancing work, home and self is the key to stop burn out and trade for a fire within.  She is currently a Vice President of Research and Development for a global restaurant chain and has been climbing the ladder in her industry for almost 20 years.  This experience has afforded Natalie significant leadership expertise and the opportunity to apply the principles of innovation and persistently reinvent her life. 


The Pineapple Connection

In 2019 my family traveled to Hawaii for the first time.  While there we spent several days in Maui and as a food scientist, touring a pineapple plantation was on the “must do” list of activities.  It was one of the most memorable experiences of our trip!  We went into the fields and learned all about the pineapple growing and harvesting process.  

Pineapple are unique with their seedlets that make up the fruit and provide the spiky nature on the outside.  Even more unique are the specific pineapple from Maui that have less acid than fruit grown in other areas of the world.  As I was thinking about what I am passionate about in starting this website, I realized that the key elements I use to eliminate negatives and have positive assumptions about people could be likened to the pineapple growers of Maui differentiating their fruit through reducing the acid (negatives) and yielding a sweeter, more positive eating experience.  Having vital conversations requires not only having positive assumptions but also the effective words, tone and body language to get through the other person’s protective spikes.  

The crown of the pineapple is distinctive, even a bit regal.  Just the sight of a pineapple makes me a little bit happier.  We all want to feel happy and that we are in control of situations.  While this may not always be practical, we can strive to control our reaction to events around us and feel a little bit like we’re living our best life, wearing our crown.

My Goals

  • To empower others to improve their fulfillment level both at work and home through giving practical, easy to follow advice on having vital, courageous conversations
  • To share my experiences, stories and lessons learned from both my work life and personal home life
  • To build relationships with like minded people who want to “have it all”