Be Courageous.
Change Your Life.
Have It All.


I am a working executive, a wife and mom who is passionate about sharing personal stories and empowering  professionals struggling to “have it all” so that they can find happiness at work and at home for a more fulfilled life.  

Three Steps To Having It All

Solve any problem, at work or home, through taking action using the steps below.

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1. Get Out of the Victim Loop

Identify the problem. What is not going the way you would like in life? Do you have relationships that lack trust? Are you afraid to face conflict? Are you stuck and don't know how to move ahead?


2. Be Courageous and Take Action

Take action and personal accountability.
What are you going to do about your situation? How can you bring on change? Identify options and get ready to face uncertainty. Own the problem.

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3. Have Vital Conversations

Break through and move ahead by having vital conversations with your boss, significant other, children, coworkers/employees, friends or even yourself! Find relief through action.

What's with the pineapple?

  • People can be a lot like pineapple – a protective, spiky outside but once you break through, the inside is sweet.
  • There are 37 identified varieties of pineapple all with different attributes.  There can also be many different personalities to deal with among people.  
  • It can take up to 24 months for a pineapple plant to produce one juicy and ripe fruit.  Building trust with people in your work and home life can take time (hopefully not 24 months!) but it is worth it.